Arrive Early

Bring at least 3 outfits for your session 

 Shop for your outfits at least one week ahead

​ Buy outfits that enhance your assets


hide your problem area

​Bring shoes and jewelry to match your outfits

 Drink a lot of water for at least 12 hours before your session

Color your hair, wax and do your facial at least three days before your session

 Trust your photographer, she is the expert!

Bring robe and slippers

Bring a friend for "Moral Support",

it will be fun!

Bring extra stockings

Get a good night sleep the night before your session

Don't spray tan, you will look orange in your photos

Don't eat a heavy meal at least 12 hours before you session

Don't experiment with beauty practices like a chemical peel, tanning or brazilian wax if have never done it before 

Don't be over exposed to the sun,

tan lines are not sexy​

Don't worry about your body imperfections,

I know how to hide them

​Don't go out drinking the night before or stay up late, you will look tired and that can't be photoshopped!

Don't be shy to ask for specific poses,

I want you to be happy with your images 


Dos & Don'ts