​There are two outfits allowed:

A cute first birthday out and the cake smash "attire" usually a diaper cover. the first few shots we will be traditional first birthday portraits. Then we will take a few minutes to let the birthday boy/girl  to have some run round around and change into their cake smash "attire"

White onsies and tutus always photograph well.

I recommend simple with lots of skin showing to get messy.

Accessories such as party hats, bows, ribbons or fun ties and necklaces can add interest to your photos. 

If you choose to leave your baby mostly undressed for the session, remember that a cute diaper cover will be more attractive than a disposable diaper alone.

Of course, make sure that any outfit you choose will be easy to wash after the festivities are over

The Mess
Naturally, your little one is going to make quite a mess during the photo shoot – and that’s a big part of the fun! Bring lots of water, wipes, and a change of clothes to make sure the baby is happy and comfortable after the festivities.

Victoria's Recommendations
Bring some puffs or Cheerios to sneak in the cake in case your little one isn’t into the cake too much- we can at least make it look like they are eating cake

 Avoid chocolate or red velvet, as they can appear less than pleasant when smeared on a baby’s face.

     Sippy cup full of water to wash down the sweetness of their cake

*Wipes, wipes, and more wipes

Prepping for your little ones Cake Smash session